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QSFP28 100G SR4 850nm 100m MPO DDM
June 6, 2022
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CWDM SFP+ 10g 40km LC SMF DDM Transceiver Module
July 22, 2022

Optical Fiber Transceiver Module

Use:FTTX,data center
Supply Voltage:3.3V
Optical Components:DFB CWDM
Data rate:1.25G
Transmission distance:10km
Receiver Sensitivity:<-22dBm
Interface:LC duplex
DOM Support:Yes
Certification:CE FCC RoHS


Excellent Quality SFP Transceiver Manufacturers in China

Wuhan Yongxinfeng Science& Technology Co., Ltd. Wuhan Yongxinfeng Science& Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known high-tech SFP optical transceiver supplier that offers R&D, production, sales, and technical services. We have a great deal of knowledge about the high-performance active fiber optic transceiver module, fiber optic SFP module, Optical Fiber transceiver module and SFP fiber optic transceiver. In order to reach a win-win situation, we always uphold the “customer first, quality-oriented” corporate concept and build long-lasting cooperative relationships with our clients. You can choose us among other SFP transceiver manufacturers in China without a second thought. 

What is an SFP Transceiver?

SFP stands for small form-factor pluggable and is frequently referred to as mini-gbic (gigabit interface converter). Small modular transceivers known as SFP modules can be inserted into a network switch or server’s SFP port. The SFP module has mainly replaced the GBIC module in applications due to its small size. And the capacity to be used in constrained networking environments to provide rapid communication between switches and essential networking components

The fiber optic transceiver module, fiber optic SFP module, and SFP fiber optic transceiver also allow for hot-plugging, which makes it simple to alter existing networks without totally overhauling the cable architecture. For great quality, you can hire us as your SFP optical transceiver supplier in China. Being one of the leading SFP transceiver manufacturers, our product has many functions.

Why Buy Our High-Quality Optical Fiber Transceiver Module?

Our Optical Fiber Transceiver Module in China is a single device that serves as both a transmitter and a receiver. An electrical signal from a switch or router is converted into an optical signal. That may be broadcast and received by using leading optical fiber transceiver module technology. This is accomplished at extremely high speeds across a significant distance. A data network device with the ability to send and receive signals can be connected to it or built into it. 

Functions of Our Fiber Optic SFP Module

  • SFP modules enable quick communication between switches and other network components, such as routers and other devices.
  • It usually works with copper or fiber optic lines.
  • Due to its small size, it is ideal for locations that might not be easily accessible.
  • Compatible with duplex multimode or single-mode fiber optic cable as well as simplex cables.
  • Supports single-mode and multimode wavelengths of 1310 nm and 1550 nm, respectively.

Applications of Our Fiber Optic Transceiver Module

  • High-definition audio transmission networks
  • Point-to-point Networking
  • Passive Optical Networks (PON)
  • Metro Access Rings
  • Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI)

Why Choose Us as Your SFP Optical Transceiver Supplier?

High-Quality SFP Fiber Optic Transceiver

Our SFP optical transceiver supplier is designed to work with the majority of current networks. SFP modules work well for bridging communications between switches in compact environments as long as everything is within 100 meters of one another. The fiber optic transceiver module, fiber optic SFP module, optical fiber transceiver module, and SFP fiber optic transceiver are compatible with both single mode and multimode fiber. Choosing us among other SFP transceiver manufacturers in China will surely make your brand stand out. 

We are also a well-known copper SFP module manufacturer in China. 

CWDM SFP 1.25G 10km C27 ~ C61 LC


l Up to 10km transmission on SMF

l Up to 1.25 Gbps

l CWDM DFB laser and PIN receiver

l 2-wire interface for integrated Digital Diagnostic monitoring

l Hot pluggable

l Very low EMI and excellent ESD protection

l +3.3V power supply

l Power consumption less than 1.0W

l Operating case temperature: 0~+70°C



l High-speed storage area networks

l Computer cluster cross-connect

l Custom high-speed data pipes



l Compliant with IEEE 802.3Z

l Compliant with MSA SFF-8472

l Compliant with SFP MSA