fiber channel sfp module
QSFP+ 40G ER4 1310nm 40km LC DDM
June 6, 2022
sfp 28 fiber optic modules
QSFP+ 40G SR4 850nm 100m MPO DDM
June 6, 2022

QSFP+ 40G LR4 1310nm 10km LC DDM

40G Base-LR4 QSFP+
Optical Transceiver Module

– Compliant to the industry standard SFF-8436
QSFP+ Transceiver Specification
– Up to 11.2Gb/s data rate per wavelength
– 4 CWDM lanes MUX/DEMUX design
– Up to 10km transmission on single mode fiber
– Operating case temperature: 0 to 70℃
– Maximum power consumption 3.5W
– LC duplex connector


– IEEE802.3ba 40GBASE-LR4
– SFF-8436 QSFP Specification
– InfiniBand Architecture QDR Specifications

YXF-QP-S31L-10D Transceiver is a high performance, cost effective module for serial optical data
communication applications to 41.5Gb/s.The
YXF-QP-S31L-10D 4 is designed to 40GBASE-LR4 of
the IEEE P802.3ba standard for 10km links.

The module converts 4 inputs channels (ch) of 10Gb/s
electrical data to 4 CWDM optical signals, and
multiplexes them into a single channel for 40Gb/s
optical transmission. Reversely, on the receiver side, the module optically de-multiplexes a 40Gb/s input
into 4 CWDM channels signals, and converts them to
4 channel output electrical data.

The central wavelengths of the 4 CWDM channels are
1271, 1291, 1311 and 1331 nm as members of the
CWDM wavelength grid defined in ITU-T G.694.2. It
contains a duplex LC connector for the optical
interface and a 38-pin connector for the electrical
interface. To minimize the optical dispersion in the long-haul
system, single-mode fiber (SMF) has to be applied in
this module.