Optical Fiber Module Manufacturers
Optical Fiber Module
July 22, 2022
Optical Fiber Module Manufacturers
QSFP28 100G ZR4 80km DOM 1310nm SMF LC
July 25, 2022

QSFP28 100G ER4 40km 1310nm LC SMF Optical Module

Use:FTTX,Data center

Supply Voltage:3.3V

Data rate:100Gbps


Transmission distance:40km

TX Power:-2.9~4.5dBm

Receiver Sensitivity:<-19dBm

Transmitter Type:4 x LAN WDM DML TOSA

Interface:Duplex LC


Certification:CE FCC ROHS


QSFP28 100G ER4 40km 1310nm LC Connector


Supports 100GBASE(103.1Gb/s) aggregate;

Lane bit rate 25.78 Gb/s;

Up to 40km transmission on SMF;

LAN WDM EML laser and APD receiver;

High speed I/O electrical interface (CAUI-4);

I2C interface with integrated Digital Diagnostic monitoring;

QSFP28 MSA package with duplex LC connector;

Single +3.3V power supply;

Maximum power consumption 5 W;

Operating case temperature: 0 to +70 °C;

Compliant to SFF-8665 and SFF-8679;

Complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS 6).



l 100GBASE-ER4 .